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Three Men In A Boat

Three Men In A Boat

We are delighted to announce that to complete our 2024 season - The Mill will be presenting the hilarious “Three Men In A Boat”.

Jerome K.Jerome’s classic Victorian memoir has been gloriously adapted by celebrated star of stage and screen, CLIVE FRANCIS (The Crown, A Clockwork Orange, Entertaining Mr.Sloane) preserving the timeless humour and infusing it with a fresh and vibrant touch for contemporary audiences.

This warm and witty play invites you on an uproarious journey down the meandering waters of the Thames with the delightful trio of friends Harris, George, and Jerome, as they set sail on an unforgettable adventure through the English countryside (with just a few stops that you might recognise!) Each twist and turn bringing a fresh dose of laughter and unexpected encounters.

So, pack your bags, grab your oars, and prepare to be swept away by the camaraderie, and mischievous antics of this unforgettable trio, as they navigate not just the river's currents but the comical currents of life itself.

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Thursday 6 Jun 20248:15pm
Friday 7 Jun 20248:15pm
Saturday 8 Jun 20242:15pm8:15pm
Wednesday 12 Jun 20248:15pm
Thursday 13 Jun 20248:15pm
Friday 14 Jun 20248:15pm
Saturday 15 Jun 20242:15pm8:15pm
Sunday 16 Jun 20242:15pm
Wednesday 19 Jun 20248:15pm
Thursday 20 Jun 20242:15pm8:15pm
Friday 21 Jun 20248:15pm
Saturday 22 Jun 20242:15pm8:15pm
Sunday 23 Jun 20242:15pm
Wednesday 26 Jun 20248:15pm
Thursday 27 Jun 20242:15pm8:15pm
Friday 28 Jun 20248:15pm
Saturday 29 Jun 20242:15pm8:15pm
Sunday 30 Jun 20242:15pm
Wednesday 3 Jul 20248:15pm
Thursday 4 Jul 20242:15pm8:15pm
Friday 5 Jul 20248:15pm
Saturday 6 Jul 20242:15pm8:15pm
Sunday 7 Jul 20242:15pm
Wednesday 10 Jul 20248:15pm
Thursday 11 Jul 20242:15pm8:15pm
Friday 12 Jul 20248:15pm
Saturday 13 Jul 20242:15pm8:15pm